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“The Polka Slayer” (BtVS) – Collab with Bradcpu


Description: Into every generation a polka is born
Made with bradcpu for the VVC ’13 Premieres
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song: “Polka Power”, Weird Al Yankovic
Length: 4:24
Size: 70 MB
Format: avi (xvid)

Stream and Notes

“Lucky Me” (BtVS)

Description: Love sucked, this Buffy was certain of (Life is a cheesy romance novel)
Song: “Lucky Me”, Sarah Slean
Length: 3:00
Format: AVI (XVID)
Size: 47.4 MB
Date: August 2009

LJ Post & Notes

“Don’t Cha/Seether” (BtVS)

Description: Two slayers, two seperate paths.
Song: ‘Don’t Cha/Seether’, Party Ben (Pussycat Dolls vs. Veruca Salt)
Length: 2:18
Format: AVI (XVID)
Size: 37.5 MB
Date: August 2008

LJ Post & Notes

“Silence” (BtVS)

Description An exploration of Faith’s season 4 storyline, showing that Buffy and Faith share more than their bodies, but their minds as well.
Song: “Silence”, Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan
Format: AVI (XVID)
Size: 23.4 Mb
Date: August 2006

LJ Post & Notes

This vid was originally made in 2004, but this is the remastered version. The original version is no longer online.

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