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“The Garden” (Cadavres [2009])

Title: The Garden
Description: Look what you’ve done to me.
Fandom: Cadavres (2009)
Song: ‘The Garden’, Mirah
Date: June 2010
Length: 2:15
Size: 41 MB
Download (avi, divx)
Note: Nudity, sexual content and graphic violence. And one dead pig.

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“Dancing with the Demons” (BtVS)

Description: Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets ballroom dancing. (Inspired by Dancing with the Demons by redsrule1. )
Songs: “Objection (Tango)” by Shakira and “Dance, Dance” by Fall Out Boy
Video source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Take the Lead, Shall We Dance, Simply Irresistible, “Sway” -PCD music video, promotional photography from “Dancing With the Stars”.
Length: 1:06
Format: Avi (xvid codec)
Date: March 2008
Size: 30.1 MB [HQ] / 19 MB [MQ]
Download: High Quality [852×480] / Medium Quality [852×480]

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