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“Sabotage” (Misfits)

Description: It’s all a mirage (aka everything goes to shit, always)
Premiered during Club Vivid ’11
Source: Misfits
Song: “Sabotage”, Beastie Boys
Date: April 2011
Length: 2:51
Size: 44.3 MB
Format: Avi (xvid)
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“Party in the Midlands” (Legend of the Seeker)

Description: Kahlan Amnell kindly invites you to a party in the Midlands.
Song: “Party in the USA remix”, Miley Cyrus ft. Axel Strife
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker
Date: March 2010
Length: 3:48
Size: 47 MB

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“In My Veins” (Heroes)

Description:: To each his own obsession, like a moth to the flame. How much does it take for a soul to consume itself?
Song: “Car Crash”, Our Lady Peace
Length: 3:07
Format: AVI (xvid)
Date:August 2009
Size: 58.7 MB

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“I’m Gonna Be” (Glee)


Description: One day, I’ll be a star. (Rachel + Stage = OTP)
Premiered in Premieres at Vividcon ’12
Source: Glee, original art
Song: “Imma Stop Lovin’ Drugs”, Titus Jones
Date: June 2012
Length: 2:06
Size: 40.4 MB
Format: avi (xvid)
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