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BASCon 2011 Vidshow Intro (Multi)

Description: “Hot-dogs! Dress ’em up to suit your taste. They’re good, so good!”. 50’s drive-in style intro for the 2011 BAScon vidshow.
Source: 50’s Drive-in intermission clips, BtVS, Supernatural, Torchwood, Tyler Shields ZQ video, X-Men: First Class deleted scenes.
Length: 0:55
Size: 25.9 MB (avi, xvid)

Full list of the 2011 vidshow here.

“The Future is a Long Past” (Passchendaele [2008], history)

The Future is a Long Past
Description: “When [my grandfather] finally told the story, it really affected me and I’ve not been able to get it out of my head.” – Paul Gross / Memory, history, past and future. An essay.
Song: “L’avenir est un long passé”, Manau
Fandom: Passchendaele, multi
Date: July 2010
Length: 1:54
Size: 42 MB
Download (right click and save)
Notes: This isn’t really a fannish vid, it explores things I’ve written about at length during my degree, about the persistence of memory and history within people and popular culture. It’s the same argument, but presented in vidform. (Contains World War 1 footage (nothing gory) and veterans/memorial sites)

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