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“Echoes” (Ringu [1998]/The Ring [2002])



Description: Tell me your story again.
Made for VVC Challenge 2013
Source: Ringu [1998]/The Ring [2002]
Song: “Quiet Slumber“, Shadow6Nothing9
Length: 1:04
Size: 24.8 MB
Format: avi (xvid)
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Stream and notes

“Layers” (The Cabin in the Woods [2012])


Description: Layers of horror like layers of music.
Made for kiki_miserychic for Festivids 2012
Source: The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
Song: “Abandon Opening Titles”, Clint Mansell
Length: 2:10
Size: 45.5 MB
Format: avi (xvid)
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LJ Post & Notes

“Pandora’s Box” (Heroes)

Description:: Pandora opened the box and released a myriad evils upon the earth. (Sylar/Elle)
Song: “Once Upon a December” (Music Box)
Length: 0:42
Format: AVI (xvid)
Date:January 2009
Size: 9 MB

LJ Post & Notes

“Buffy Summers and the Blood-Sucking Fiend” (BtVS)

Buffy Summers and the blood-sucking fiend (download)
Description: AU Story vid: Buffy Summers has never known her parents and doesn’t remember what caused the scar she has always had on her neck. She’s just an ordinary girl until one day someone tells her she’s not; she’s a slayer.
Based on JK. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series. Obviously, it is not to be taken very seriously.
Song: “Hedwige’s theme” (personal remix), Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone soundtrack
Format: WMV
Size: 16 Mb
Date: August 2004

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