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“Soldier” (Merlin)

Description:: You say no sacrifice too great, but every soldier is a mother’s son / Hunith PoV
Song: “Every Soldier is a Mother’s Son”, Heather Nova
Length: 0:49
Format: AVI (xvid)
Date: January 2009
Size: 12.9 MB

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“Pandora’s Box” (Heroes)

Description:: Pandora opened the box and released a myriad evils upon the earth. (Sylar/Elle)
Song: “Once Upon a December” (Music Box)
Length: 0:42
Format: AVI (xvid)
Date:January 2009
Size: 9 MB

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“Smilin’!” (Firefly)

Title: ‘Smilin!!’
Description: Dear journal: It was the best. day. ever. Love Kaylee!
Source: Firely, meta.
Pairings: Kaylee/Simon
Song: ‘Smilin!!’, Pascale Picard
Date: January 2009
Length: 0:47
Format: Avi (xvid codec)
Size: 13.4 MB
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