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“Want U Back” (The Simpsons) – Collab with Olliecpu


Description: Bart sells his soul to Millhouse for 5$. Bad move. (episodic)
Made for VVC Challenge 2013 with my stepson olliecpu
Source: “Bart Sells His Soul (The Simpsons)
Song: “Want U Back”, Kidz Bop
Length: 1:29
Size: 17.8 MB
Format: avi (xvid)
DOWNLOAD (right click + save)

Stream and Notes

“The Polka Slayer” (BtVS) – Collab with Bradcpu


Description: Into every generation a polka is born
Made with bradcpu for the VVC ’13 Premieres
Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Song: “Polka Power”, Weird Al Yankovic
Length: 4:24
Size: 70 MB
Format: avi (xvid)

Stream and Notes