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“In My Veins” (Heroes)

Description:: To each his own obsession, like a moth to the flame. How much does it take for a soul to consume itself?
Song: “Car Crash”, Our Lady Peace
Length: 3:07
Format: AVI (xvid)
Date:August 2009
Size: 58.7 MB

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“Displaced” (Heroes)

Description:: “It’s just a simple line” – Claire’s relationship with pain, loss and her power.
Song: “Displaced”, Azure Ray
Length: 2:20
Format: AVI (xvid)
Date:November 2008
Size: 44.8 MB

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“Hemorrhage” (Heroes)

Description:: Nathan/Peter/Claire. How they use and need each other.
Song: ‘Hemorrhage (In My Hands)’, Fuel
Length: 2:22
Format: AVI (xvid)
Date:December 2007
Size: 52.8 MB
Download: High Quality (853×480)

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