“Courage” (BtVS, Angel: the Series)

Narrative Alternate Universe: After being fooled back into the relationship once, and into a marriage, Buffy finally finds the courage to leave her abusive and cheating boyfriend.
Song: “Letting Go”, Sozzi
Format: WMV
Size: 6.38 Mb
Date: June 2004

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“Compromise” (Angel: the Series)

Description Wes/Illyria vid. Their relationship is based on a compromise of Wes’.
Song:“Seing Red”, Unwritten Law
Size: 8.76 Mb
Format: WMV
Date:May 2004

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“You and Me” (Roswell)

A Max/Liz video edited to fit the ‘movie soundtrack’ music video type (includes clips from the original music video
Fandom: Roswell
Date June 2005
Size: 13 mb
Time: 3:09
Format: wmv

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