About Me

I’m a 20-something French Canadian currently living in Alabama with her husband, stepson and numerous pets. I have a BA in History, a graduate certification in Higher Education and I’m currently completing my Master’s in History. I was published for the first time last year and everyone was incredibly excited, especially the cats.

I have been involved in fandom since the early 2000’s and started creating music videos (or fanvids) sometime in 2003. I started out focusing mostly on Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but now vid a wide variety of source as I consider vidding itself to be my fandom. Nothing is off limits!

Every year, I attend the wonderful VividCon along with people I consider both friends and family. If you are a vidder yourself or simply enjoy watching vids, I can’t stress how much you would enjoy it. Chicago’s a bit too far? VidUKon might be for you.

You can email me at milly(at)inner-demons(dot)org or simply comment on one of my posts.

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  1. Cinco

    Hi there!

    My co-mod Corbae and I are excited to screen your vid, “Bad Blood” at our panel “Singalong Vidshow: The Force Awakens!” at CON.TXT this year.

    Thank you for making such a great vid—we’re sure our attendees will have an awesome time watching it and singing along! 😀


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