“Tainted Love” (BtVS)

Description: Spike PoV of his relationship with Buffy and in some ways the lead up to his attempted rape on her.
Disclaimer: While the song is PG, the video itself, both by the choice of scene and subject, is more adult in content.
Song: “Tainted Love”, Marilyn Manson
Format: WMV
Size: 9.15 Mb
Date: September 2004

Original LJ Post and Notes

Best Shipper Touch My Soul (September 2004)
Best POV BRVA (September 2004)
Best Editor BRVA (September 2004)
Best Editor Gift of Death (Sept-Oct 2004)
Best Romance Gift of Death (Sept-Oct 2004)
Best Angst Wolfram and Hart (Oct. 2004)
Best Romance Buffinator Awards (Sept. 2004)
Best Angst Orb of Thesulah Awards (Round 1 – March 2005) (read their review)

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