“Enemies Within” (BtVS)

Description:Season three overview. Faith, the Mayor, Angel’s return, Willow and Xander breaking Oz and Cordelia’s hearts…
Song: “We Are”, Ana
Format: WMV
Size: 21.8 Mb
Date: July 2004

Best seasonal – M8B (Round 5)
Best Song (runner-up) – M8B (Round 5)
Best Video Touch My Soul (July 2004)
Best Video Wolfram and Hart(July 2004)
Runner-Up: Best Video The Buffinator (July 2004)
Best BtVS vid BRVA (August 2004)
Best Seasonal BRVA (August 2004)
Best Video Gift of Death (July 2004)
Best Seasonal Orb of Thesulah Awards (Round 1 – March 2005) (read their review)
Special Award Orb of Thesulah Awards (Round 1 – March 2005) )

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